burial services

The Old Lyme Cemetery Association offers both full body and cremation burial plots at the following locations: Duck River, Point o’Woods, and Laysville. 

For information or assistance with a plot purchase, please contact Sexton Leonard Jones at 860-304-9521 or use the contact form below.


Plot Fees

Prices are for Duck River Cemetery. Prices for other cemeteries are available on request.
  • Full body cemetery plot  $1,000 (single); $1,800 (double)
    Larger plots are available
  • Cremation plot  $750
    Lily Pond & Meadow Ridge Terrace
  • Cremation plot with upright stone  $1,800
    Meadow Ridge Terrace only

Interment Fees

  • Full body interment  $1,100
  • Cremated remains interment  $625
    Additional charges for burial on weekends or holidays,

Sexton Leonard Jones is available for assistance with headstones and monuments, but purchase and installation are the responsibility of the deceased’s family.

OLCA Monument Specifications

Monuments placed in the cemeteries shall remain in harmony with, and consistent with, surrounding grave markers. One upright marker per lot is permitted, and the Sexton, or the OLCA Board of Directors, shall approve all gravestones and monuments.

Monuments shall not exceed 42” high, including the base; 48” wide, excluding the base; and eight” deep, excluding the base. Monuments shall be of gray, black, or red/pink granite and have a central tablet, or die, with no shapes or sculptures protruding beyond the tablet frame and no attached sculptures. Columned monuments and obelisks are not permitted in the cemeteries.

In lieu of an upright marker, a memorial bench may be placed, with approval of the OLCA Board of Directors. Benches shall be of gray, black, or red/pink granite, have a traditional design, a seat only, and no attached columns, sculptures, or urns. A bench on a single lot may not exceed 36” long and 14” wide; on a double lot 48” long and 14” wide. February 1, 2023.

Regulations for Gravesites

The Old Lyme Cemetery Association has updated its Rules & Regulations effective March 15, 2023. The revised Rules & Regulations booklet can be accessed here. Hard copies are available at the Old Lyme Town Hall and the Old Lyme Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library.

Updated cemetery rules specify the obligations of the Association and the lot owners and are consistent with regulations in neighboring cemeteries. Revised rules require that headstones and monuments remain consistent with the predominant materials used in the cemetery. The rules also specify allowed plantings and gravesite decorations, to safeguard the nearby wetlands, reduce litter, and facilitate maintenance and mowing.

Visitors are advised to review the updated rules and remove decorations and ornamentation that is out of compliance. Beginning June 1, 2023, non-compliant decorations and ornamentation will be removed, labeled, and stored onsite. Please contact the cemetery using the form below to retrieve any items.

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