Visitor Information

Old Lyme’s cemeteries welcome visitors for walks and quiet recreation. All visitors are requested to respect the solemnity of the cemeteries and to observe the rules when visiting.


The cemeteries are open from 7:30am to dusk. Download a map of the OLCA cemeteries here and Duck River Cemetery here.

Regulations for Visitors

  • Leash dogs at all times and remove all waste. 
  • Observe the 10 mph speed limit within the cemeteries. 
  • Do not touch fragile gravestones or monuments, or take gravestone rubbings, which can damage inscriptions. 
  • Do not scratch, deface, move, or in any way alter or harm gravestones or monuments. 
  • Do not stand, sit, or lean on gravestones or monuments. 
  • Do not remove or alter any landscaping. 
  • Alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs, fires, firearms, and metal detectors are not permitted in Old Lyme’s cemeteries.